JOB appeal SNS in world wide.

If you would like to get job, you can appeal in this SNS site. you can post what you can, and how much you would like to get. If you post. If you post your movie or link of SNS. you can get chance more. Now, we are ready of post form, but now welcome to post by contact form!! you can have chance of appeal first in this site thank you!!

如果你想搵野做, 你可以喺呢個 sns 網站上訴。 你可以發佈你可以, 你想得到幾多。 如果你發帖。 如果你發佈影片或 sns 連結。 你可以得到更多嘅機會。 今時今日, 我哋諗住郵寄表格, 但而家歡迎透過聯繫表格發帖!! 你可以有機會上訴首先喺呢個網站謝謝!!


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